leasehold scandal is now at a point to end. But leasehold scandal is still the talk of the media and the internet recently. It has become a viral and controversial issue. Everyone wants to know about it. Some people already know about it, and some people are understanding it watching TV or from the internet. It is a severe issue. People are making this issue more serious. They are also panicking over this issue. But people are still taking the lease, which is a good sign. But they are becoming more careful and aware also. They don’t want to be fooled anymore. While signing any deal as a leasehold with the owner or freehold, they try to keep it straight and simple. By doing this, they are ensuring no loopholes or no chance of being stolen or frauded.

The government is very active in this issue. But only the government can’t stop or eradicate this issue. Every citizen should come forward to prevent this issue. The people who are related to these scandals should be punished. They should get the rewards of their deeds. Our government should be honest regarding this issue. It should be a transparent process. Everyone should be acknowledged and treated in the same way. As we told before, there are many big names related to this issue, so it is our utmost duty to punish them also. Our citizens should become more aware of this issue. They should not be afraid of this issue.

leasehold scandal is happening all over the world but people are still fond of the leasehold system. They still go for a leasehold property. Cause only this gives them the ownership, they desperately want and dream for. Leasehold scandals can be stopped if we become aware. We need to be cautious while signing the leasehold deals.